Skibe & både

   Ships & boats

     Here you see some of our work on ships and boats. 
     We also make customised berths. See the berth here.

   Here you see how to extend a Huskydane 85 to a Huskydane 99

Delivered hull

Cutting of hull

Final result of the extension

   Examples of repairs on ships/boats

    Examples of accommodation


Equipment for ships and boats

Here you see an example of how to get root in folders, books, magazines etc.

The bookcase i s made of laminate coated MDF board.

The bookcase stocked in the following colors:
  • Walnut
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Brushed aluminum
Contact us for more information.

Here you see an example of our work on cabinets for ships


Corner wash basin of fibreglass shall gladly suggest solutions to boat modifications.
Here you see an example of making a corner wash basin integrated with a table top. This facilitates cleaning and the room has been brighter.

If you should need a similar solution, please contact us. It can be made as requested in relation to position of the wash basin and colour of desire. It cannot be easier.

Before picture:                                                                                                       After picture:


Replacing the stern

This boat has been extended to the original length of 60 cm for the replacement of rotten stern. It is seen from the two panes of the deck to the stern.


Rubbing pieces

If you need assistance for mounting the rubbing pieces, please contact us.

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