Have you been unlucky?

Have you been unlucky and have you got a water-, storm- og perhaps fire damage? We are the right partner for repairing the damage.

We have a good working relationship with bricklayers, plumbers, painters and other craftsmen. We are thefore ready to be responsible for contacting all the involved parties. The quality is in order and you save time and trouble.

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Further, we are also ready, if you have got fibreglass damages. We repair fibreglass damages and carry out re-jointing of joint damages.
Here you see an example of a collision damage on a water slide:


Here you see some examples of damages:

  • The top picture shows a pipe damage which was discovered in connection with change of a facade.
  • The bottom pictures show damages in connection with burglary.


Here you see a few more examples of damages:

  • The top pictures illustrate damages from a storm and a water damage in a crawl space due to a leaking external sewer system.
  • The bottom pictures illustrate how we can examine sewer ventilation for bad smell. A smoke grenade detects whether the ventilation works, as intended.


Here you see an example of a storm damage where the damage has been covered to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the roof.

If you are unlucky, call us and we shall assist you.





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