Car accessories for just YOUR car.

We are able to deliver a wide range of accessories for just your van or lorry.

Download a catalouge for your make of car below (is opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Our catalouge has been developed through the needs of our customers and we adapt regularly our products to the transport development. 
Do you lack anything? 
Or do you have special desires?

Contact us, and we shall find a good solution to your desire. 

If you should need accessorises which are not in the catalogue, please call +45 75 12 65 99, as we might keep the items in stock. keeps pace with development and thus our products are regularly adapted to the needs of our customers.

This is an example of how we can "customice" a solution to your very van or lorry. The customer wanted wooden floor in the lorry.


This is an example of how we can "customice" a box, where you can use the space under the berth. 


We also makes auto interior for vand, see an example here.



See an example here, how to deliver fish in a van by covering with fiberglass.


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