Steel plates

Here you see a photo of a leading light covered with dyed steel plates.
These plates can also be used for other buildings af they are weather-resistant.


Facade sheathing at gable

Here you see photos of gables sheated with Iverplank. This product does not require much maintenance as oil and paint. The product requires only simple cleaning and the boards are resistant to pests, bugs and vermin. Iverplank can be delivered in various colours to suit your very house.


Iverplank boards can be cut that fine that you do not need a capping in the joint. Here you see a final result of sheating of gable and eaves.


Wooden facade

Facade sheating of wood can look differently. The sheating can be made as clinker-built or just as fillet sheating. Here you see examples of a finished larch wood which has been mounted. The options are numerous. You can also choose boards of impregnated pinewood with traces.


The options are numerous.
Most wood species can be used.
Contact us and we shall help you with a solution. 

Cement facade sheating

Here you see an example of an annex which is sheathed with a cement facade plate.
A real elegant result.


Facade sheating of veneer

If your shed or the like shall be sheathed, this can be done with veneer sheet with 4' traces.
This is how it can look.


At the below mentioned photo, a special joint has been made in order to match the othe joints of the house.



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