Do you plan to replace the roof ?

With our many years of experience we shall gladly give you guidance and direction when choosing roof.

Maybe you are a private homeowner ? Maybe you are a contractor with responsibility for a large industrial and commercial construction project ? We have carried out most of the tasks. We are dedicated to both minor and major customers.

We are also passionate about making it easy for you; throughout the entire process. When you choose us, you will need only one professional to make your roof. We give advice, deliver, install and insulate. You shall only focus on enjoying the result.

Felt roofing

Felt roofing is perfect for both new constructions and renovation. It can be used for most types of roof and is incredibly easy to shape according to the construction. That is why it has been widely used in recent years where the traditional forms have been challenged. 

The picture to the left is not a new house, but he house has got a new roof. The felt roofing matches the style of the house, garden and the annex. A classic example of a successful job.

The picture to the right shows a new felt roofing and an eaves covered with zinc.


Below is a picture of an eaves covered with zinc.



Tiled roof

A-Z-Snedkeriet.dk delivers and lays roof on houses.

Here you see the result of how it might look when you replace an annex with a flat roof by a tiled roof.
Now the roof matches better the style of the house.


IBF concrete roof tiles

We shall gladly lay a new roof of concrete roof tiles. IBF roof tiles are used for both new slope roofs and as a replacement of existing roffs. The roof structure must be designed for heavy roof with roofing underlay (slope of min. 15 degrees) or for pointing (slope of min. 20 degrees). IBF roof tiles are made of dyed concrete and have a weather-resistant surface treatment.

Here you see an elegant result of a new roof with IBF roof tiles.


Steel roof

A Decra roof is built up around a strong core of steel. This cores is galvanised with aluzinc to secure against the harsh Danish weather conditions. Decra can be used for new constructions and for renovation. Generally speaking, all constructions are able to carry the lightweight roof; that is why it is ideal for renovation of e.g. wave- & slate eternit. In many cases it can be mounted directly on the existing roof.

Here you see nice examples of mounting of steel roofs, Decra and Lindab, respectively.


Repair of roofs

Our many years of experience enable us to assist you with guidance and direction.
Here you see a picture of a well-grounded suspicion of error at the base of roof. The repair required change of the base of roof, so it reaches the course of roof. In this way, water cannot be pressed by the wind.


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